Monday, May 16, 2011

Hong Kong Day 1

From the Airport look for your airline and get checked-in. We booked in Cebu Pacific (yay for seat sales!) after checking-in you will have to pay for the Travel Tax (1,620Php) then go back to where you checked-in your bags then you can proceed to where you're gonna pay for the Terminal Fee (750Php). That's 2,370Php Hooray.

Before you can go to your terminal they will check your hand carry, everything and you have to take off you shoes.

After 1.5 hours..
Welcome to Hong Kong! Yay!

Before you got out of the plane the flight attendants will give you Immigration Forms so always carry a pen.

Take the Airport train to Immigration.

Make sure that you have at least 250hkd when you land for your transportation. In our case we bought the MTR Card 3 days unlimited train ride with 1 way Airport Express to Hong Kong Island. I forgot how much exactly but I think its 200hkd.

MTR Route - I love the Hong Kong railway system. So organized. Very easy to follow.

Above: Interior of MTR
Next Stop - Sheung Wan Station

Our check-in time is 1pm so we decided to grab lunch in a nearby resto.
Almost every restaurant that we went into have an english menu so don't worry.
Prepare at least 20-40 hkd/person/meal.

We stayed at Mingle on the Wing. Around 600-700 hkd.
There's a lot of cheaper hotel but I think of all the hotels that I looked at this is actually cleaner and it doesnt look like a budget hotel.

Interiors are pretty modern. Flatscreen TV with free movies, radio(worldwide) and even porn (lol).

After we checked-in we roam around the streets of Hong Kong!

Above: My girls! Katz, Nadee and Tessa

Next thing you know it's dinner time!

Then roam around again til our feet cried.

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