Sunday, March 13, 2011

Banak House, Calatagan

The road to Banak house is not very easy to find(even with the map that's given by the owner's secretary). If you're a little bit unsure on how to get there you could stop by the wet market(theres two on the way) and ask around for the Diaz Residence (they're pretty known around the area). Anyways you have to make a stop there to buy everything that you need in the beach house i.e. water, meat, coals for grilling, booze :)

The second you get in to that blue gate, you'll be greeted with a warm smile by Mrs. Mattie and her family. Their family looks after the house, her husband is a fisherman and you can buy their fresh catch if you guys decided to check in early. The minute you settled into your rooms they'll ask you if you want a bonfire to be set up for 500php and you can decide if you want one huge bonfire or they can make 2 smaller ones and it will last for3-4 hours.

 If you're going there to swim..umm not a good idea, yes its a beachfront I know but when we went there around January its low tide until around afternoon you cant swim at all. Around night time the water is really near the house but you can't risk swimming in the dark but if that's your thing no ones gonna stop you, or save you for that matter. No lifeguard or whatsoever so you got to be responsible for yourself.

BUT if you're going there to relax, marvel at the sunset, walk along the shoreline, take pictures, hang out and drink around the bonfire then this really is the place for you!

We had such a great time here and the long travel time is so worth it.

You can check out their multiply or facebook account or
you can contact Thess Ponce - +639176294612

Extra Info:
• The rent is 11,000 + 3,000 insurance (refundable)
• Overnight Stays - Check-in time(they're not really strict) Check-out is 3pm
• Maximum Number of Persons Allowed including the help/driver is 15
• Kitchen Utensil, Plates is available in the house but spoon and forks, cups you have to bring.
• Water Dispenser and Refrigerator is available
• Only one bedroom has an A/C and thats the blue cottage
• There's a covered garage
• Nearby sari-sari store or water station - I suggest you buy EVERYTHING in the market.

*Photos by Chickay • Edited by yours truly


  1. Thank you very much for your kind review. I enjoyed reading that you and your group "Got it." Got it,in that Banak House is rustic and intimate, distant but when you get there, worth it. I only wish that I could have made the tide come in by noon at that time; swimming the reefs in the Calatagan sanctuary is worth a few idyllic hours as well.

    Your friend, Chickay's pictures were great. They make it seem as is the memories of your beach trip were already a very fondly remembered distant memory.

    I wish I could make it there myself more often, but seeing the way that life sometimes keeps us away from the places we love, I was honored to read that my family was given the chance to share the house with people like yourselves.


  2. I wish you hadn't filtered the pictures.