Thursday, September 03, 2009

Everyday Commute

My everyday commute is this:

• TRICYCLE(about 10 minutes)
• BUS(about 1hour and 20 minutes)
• TAXI(about 30 to 1hour depending on traffic)

Oh did I mention I have to wait for a tricycle for about 10-30 minutes when im on a nightshift?and I have to elbow everyone just to get on that ORDINARY(no aircon) bus?Why ordinary bus? coz its very rare that an air conditioned comes along and sweep me off my feet.Im constantly praying that when a bus comes along, please please please dont let it be a “Saint Rose” bus.I call that bus the ultimate “killer bus”. Just this month or last month or whatever, they have accidents 2 times already.No wonder they call their bus Saint Rose, coz you have to pray for the saints when you get on it.But when an airconditioned Dela Rosa Transit comes by I can hear the Halleluiah Chorus.

Why dont you just take a cab from your house?
a: If youre willing to pay for 350 pesos that includes the Toll gate(36.00php) then please please be my sponsor.

Oh did I mention im from Valenzuela City and im working at Eastwood City?

Geez my way to work is a work itself. Just kill me already.

Is there any point to this story? No. I just wanna rant.


  1. There is always a ray of sunshine sweetie! The saints will answer you prayers soon. ;P

  2. hahaha I can relate to this story. when i used to work in laguna while i live in cavite. there was a time in early 2000 when I have to travel 2-3 hrs (one way). well our transport system is really poor...lucky me I found another job within cavite so my commute was lessen to 1-1.5 hrs na lang.
    anyways, there's a lot of adventures naman along the way.